About Us

In 2020 I created the Survival Shack with a future goal of creating a brick and mortar "one stop shop" for outdoor, coffee, and recreational enthusiasts who believe preparation and training are the cornerstones of success.

During the first year of operation as with many business owners I discovered what things were popular and what things seemed to just be dragging my brand down. At the end of 2021 I re-tooled my store-front with the focus shifted to the main driving forces of who we are - The Til Death Athletic Apparel and Gunfighter Club brands. 

One of my missed pastimes was grabbing coffee with a good friend, and spending hours just talking about anything and everything. Another was turning to the outdoors for physical recreation and a place to refocus and re-center myself; to find peace of mind. So the first part of my journey was creating a personal blog to share thoughts and experiences as a veteran, to connect with other veterans.

The second part of my journey was investing in something I was passionate about, thus The Survival Shack Coffee & Supply Co. It is my hope that you can find yourself out in nature, campfire going, coffee percolating, enjoying a sunrise fresh out of a tent surrounded by friends and loved ones. So welcome to my store, and may you not only find that next great adventure, but share a cup of coffee and new memories! - Greg


My name is Greg Bradley. I served in the Marine Corps and the Army National Guard for 18 years. I served in Iraq 2004-2005 as a Marine Sergeant and Infantryman. Due to injuries sustained while in combat I was unable to continue my service as a Marine but was able to enlist in the Army National Guard and continue to serve my country. After retiring from the military, I worked in contract and private security, retail store management and sales, security, law enforcement and eventually federal service working as both a physical security coordinator/specialist and emergency management specialist before having to leave due to complications with my health. I found my niche working once again in the private security industry, which has allowed me to work on opportunities to build a successful small business, something I can leave to my daughter one day. 

I have an 18 year old daughter at home with me who works and goes to school with aspirations of becoming an auto mechanic. I also have a son who unfortunately passed away in 2001, so family is very near and dear to my heart. At home we have 1 dog, 2 cats and a gecko. We are huge movie buffs, love video games, travel, the outdoors, and trying new cooking recipes.