The Frustrations of "Big Box Store" Shopping during COVID

Admit it, being limited on where we can go and where we can shop has had a terrible consequence on small business, while the "big box" stores and e-commerce stores (you know of whom I speak, they that shall not be named) have boomed. I can admit that even I have been guilty of using these stores and sites because of the convenience and cost...until I started running my own business. I know understand full well how devastating the small business community has been hit during these COVID times, and just how much money the "big box" stores are raking in. Unfortunately for some things there is just no avoiding them (grocery stores unfortunately, depending on where you live you might not have a lot of options like where I'm at), but having created an e-commerce business I noticed that everything that I sell through my store can also be found on said "unnamed" websites. So I would like to thank you for the sincere opportunity to do business with me, and support a veteran-owned small business. While I'm not as robust as those large places, I can say that my focus is on delivering a quality product to my customers, keep my prices as competitive as I can, and give folks another place to turn to other than the "big box" stores. Even if you don't shop with me, I thank you for at least taking the time to look, or sharing with a friend, and I encourage all of you to seek out small businesses around you, they need you now more than ever!

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