Our Commitment to Community

Our Commitment to Community
In support of Giving Tuesday, and as part of my promise as the owner of The Survival Shack Coffee & Supply Co. to give back to the communities of Veterans, Military, Police and First Responders, I am proud to announce that I have made my first end of month donation to a non-profit organization: The Kirstie Ennis Foundation.
The Kirstie Ennis Foundation’s mission is to inspire individuals to stubbornly climb the mountain in front of them. We aim to show the world that we control our circumstances, they don’t control us. At The Kirstie Ennis Foundation, we:
– Provide education, opportunity, and healing in the outdoors through our recreational therapy clinics and expeditions
– Introduce new and recycled medical device technology to underserved communities around the world
– Partner with organizations with similar missions of improving the quality of life of individuals through mobility

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