About Us

About Us
2020 has seemingly changed many things in our lives, most notably COVID19 and its impact on all aspects of our lives. As a disabled combat veteran I have struggled with finding things to occupy myself with outside of my job, with limited options. One of my missed pastimes was grabbing coffee with a good friend, and spending hours just talking about anything and everything. Another was turning to the outdoors for physical recreation and a place to refocus and re-center myself; to find peace of mind. So the first part of my journey was creating a personal blog to share thoughts and experiences as a veteran, to connect with other veterans. The second part of my journey was investing in something I was passionate about, and coffee is high up on that list! So I am proud to welcome you to my humble coffee store, and I hope that you enjoy not only an amazing cup of coffee but wonderful memories to share among friends as you all enjoy "coffee time!" - Greg

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